Applications :
Petrol Pumps, Photostat Machines, Dental Machines, Clinics, Shops, Showrooms, Offices & Home Appliances

Features :

MICRO CONTROLLER / DSP BASED DIGITAL SINEWAVE UPS 24x7 is designed using latest state-of-the-art Technology for Better Performance and High Reliability. The Digital Technology used enhances the life of the battery and minimum effort has to be put for maintenance.

  • MICRO Processor / DSP based PWM Technology using IGBT
  • Best Suited for most High Capacity Sophisticated Appliances
  • Advanced Battery Management (ABM) for Longer Battery Life & Quick Charging
  • LCD Panel Display for Status and Faults / Auto Self Test on LCD Display
  • Static By Pass Switch for fast Switch Over (optional) / Generator compatible
  • Inbuilt TDR (in 5.5KVA & above models) for compressor based application, e.g. Air Conditioners

Technical Specification for Microtek UPS SOHO Hi-End Inverters

Technical Specifications
Electrical Specification- Inverter  
Output Power 10000VA
Surge Rating 30000VA
Output Voltage 230V
Output Frequency 50 ± 1Hz
Output Wave Form True Sine Wave
Peak Efficiency >88%
Nominal Battery Voltage 192V
DC Input Voltage Range 160V ± 1V to 233 ± 1V
Low Battery Cutout 160V ± 1V
Total Harmonic Distortion
(Resistive Load)
Less than 3%
Overload Handling Capability 105% for 1 minute + 125% for 5 Seconds with 4 times Auto-Reset
Separate Output with TDR 3~5 minutes TDR
Electrical Specification- Charger  
Charger Control (ABM) Advanced Battery Management
Charging Current 10.0A (settable ± 5.0A)
AC Input Voltage Range 110V ~ 295V
Max. Battery Boost Level 235V ± 1V
Max. Battery Float Level 213V ± 1V
Compatible Battery Types Lead Acid/SMF
Mains Input Power Factor 0.85 to unity
NOTE : Because of a policy of continuous product improvement, the specifications are subject to change

Load Chart

10 KVA : 10 Fan + 10 Tube Lights + 1 Water Motor + 1 Refrigerator + 1 Television + 1 Desrt Cooler + 2 Air-Conditioner 1.5 Tonne Capacity
Other Commercial Applications : Petrol Pump with 6 Nozzle, 3 Photostat Machine, Dental Machine, Clinics, Shops, Showrooms & Offices