MDP - 600 VA
AVR : 145~300V AC
Battery : 12V, 7.2AH / 7AH
(Typical 1 PC)
: 10~20min. Approx
Warranty : 2 Years on UPS Electronics 1 Year on Battery

Features :

Extended Input Voltage Range of 145~300 volts : When the voltage fluctuates to as low as 150 volts & as high as 290 volts, these UPS give you the corrected line voltage output of 230 volts ± 9% and don't switch the UPS to "Battery Backup mode" like most other UPS.
Smart Boost function for Low Input Voltage : When the mains voltage is low, the smart boost will correct it back to its normal range without draining the internal battery.
Smart Buck function for High Input Voltage : When the mains voltage is high, the AVR or smart buck will correct it back to its normal range without draining the internal battery.
Over Voltage Protection : The UPS will switch to backup mode & offers power from its internal battery when the mains voltage is too high.
No Load Shutdown : In case No load is connected to the UPS, it will sense the load condition and automatically Shut Down after 3 minutes to protect unnecessary discharge of the battery. (This feature in Heritage Gold and Bravo model only)
Over Load / Short Circuit Protection : If the UPS is excessively overloaded in backup mode or encounters a short circuit, it will go into protection mode. The output will be shut down in this case.
Battery Deep Discharge / Over Charge Protection : The UPS has in-built electronic protection circuit which protects the batteries from getting deep discharged or over charged.


Technical Specification for Microtek MDP - 600 VA

Technical Specifications
Model Bravo  
Input Range / Frequency(50Hz+5%) 145~300V AC
Output Voltage / Transfer Time 230V ± 9% AC / <6ms
Regulator on Mains / Regulator on Battery Automatic Voltage Regulation / Pulse Width Modulation
Protection Unit Input / Noise Fuse Protection / Noise Filter
Short Circuit (Line) / Short Circuit (Inverter) Fuse Protection / Pulse to Pulse Electronic active Protection
Battery Type / Recharge Time SMF / 2~8 Hrs. (depending on the status of Battery)
Backup Time/ Batery Rating 10 ~20min. (Load 1PC) / 12V 7.2AH / 7AH
Alarm Battery Backup (Sound beeping) Per 8 sec. (Approx.)
Battery Low Sound beeping long
LED Display Green Mains mode operation / AVR Working
Red Inverter output from battery
Physical Size (L x W x H) (300x90x145)mm
Weight (Approx.) (300x90x145)mm
Environment Operating Temperature / Rel. Humidity 0°C ~ 48°C ; 32°F ~ 120°F / 0 to 90% non-condensing
Noise Audible Noise level <35dB, distance 1 meter from UPS
NOTE : Because of a policy of continuous product improvement, the specifications are subject to change