UPS SWE2 - 625VA
Battery : 1 Battery System
Input DC Range : 10.5 ~ 14.2
Efficiency(on battery mode) : >83%
Protections Overload : 110%
Short - Circuit : 300%
Charger Current : 6.75A
Warranty : 2 Years

Features :

MICRO CONTROLLER / DSP BASED ENERGY EFFICIENT SINEWAVE UPS SWE2 are designed using latest Energy Efficient state-of-the-art Technology for Better Performance and High Reliability. The Energy Efficient Sinewave Technology used enhances the life of the battery and minimum effort has to be put for maintenance.

  • MICRO-CONTROLLER / DSP BASED Intelligent Control Design.
  • Pure Sine Wave Output.
  • Highly Efficient Transformer, which helps in Fast charging of the battery, Increases the Backup and Saves Energy.
  • Minimum Energy loss while conversion from DC to AC.
  • PWM Controlled multistage ATM (Automatic Trickle Mode) Charging.
  • Display Indications (Status & Fault)
  • Smart Overload Sense and Short Circuit Protection
  • Easily Serviceable
  • Auto Reset Feature
  • Mains Input Voltage Range Selection.

Technical Specification for Microtek UPS swE2

Technical Specifications
Input Voltage 100V~300V (Wide input voltage range)
180V~260V (Normal input voltage range)
Output Voltage on Mains Mode Same as Input
Output Voltage on UPS Mode 210V ± 5%
Output frequency on UPS Mode 50 Hz ± 0.1 Hz
Switching from Mains to UPS
and from UPS to Mains
Output Waveform on Mains Mode Same as Input
Output Waveform on UPS Mode PURE SINE WAVE
Battery Charging Current Constant Charging Approx 10% of The Rated Battery
Current in AH
Charger Power Factor Controlled Boost Technology
Efficiency > 83%
UPS Overload 120%
UPS Short Circuit 300%
UPS Transfer Time ≤ 15 msec.
Browns out Mains Voltage 100V ± 40V
Auto Reset Feature Yes
NOTE : Because of a policy of continuous product improvement, the specifications are subject to change