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  • Microporous Ceramic Vent Plugs
  • Low Maintenance
  • Less Acidic Fumes, suitable for Home and Offices
  • More Electrolyte Volume
  • Polyethylene based Envelope Separator
  • Design for Deep Discharge Cycle during Frequent Power-cuts
  • Well Balanced Positive and Negative Plates
  • Compact, Attractive and Environment Friendly
  • Better Reliability
  • High Rate Discharge


  • Online & Offline UPS Systems

Technical Specification for SF STANSAFE

Rated Capacity (Ah) at 27°C (1.280 sp.gr.) Dimensions (mm) + 3 mm Weight±5%, (Kg)
20 Hr @ 1.75V/Cell 10 Hr @ 1.75V/Cell Length Width Height Dry Filled
SG 50                
SG 70 12 70 60 410 176 281 15.60 27.30
SG 100                

Rated Capacity (Ah)
at 27°C, 20 Hr @ 1.75V/Cell
Initial Charge at Constant Current (A) Minimum Ah Input During Initial Charge Approx. Acid Qty (1.220 Sp. Gr.) in ltr Constant Potential Limiting Current (A) Trickle Charge Current (mA)
Start (upto 2.35 vpc) Finish (upto 2.75 vpc) Min Max
SG70 12 70 7.2 3.6 210 9.3 15 60 240

a) For Constant Potential Charging Higher rates are permissible for Maximum Charger setting of 2.40 vpc.
b) Trickle Charge Voltage should be adjusted between 2.15 - 2.20 vpc.

Initial Charging Instructions

  • Fill up to the Required level with Battery Grade dilute Sulphuric Acid
  • Filling in specific gravity 1.220 ± 0.005 at 27°C
  • Rest period 12 hrs.
  • Minimum Ah input as per above chart.
  • In order to reduce the charging time, the initial charging current would be as specified till 2.35 Volts/Cell followed by finishing current as specified till 2.75 Volts/Cell.
  • However in both cases, Minimum Ah input to be given. Under no circumstances, battery temperature should exceed 50°C.
  • In case the temperature exceeds 50°C, adequate rest to be given till the electrolyte temperature comes to ambient temp. and charging to be continued
  • Condition of fully charged
    • 3 consecutive hourly readings of specific gravity and voltage become constant.
    • Top of charge voltage will be around 16.2V - 16.5V
    • All cells should gas freely.
    • Minimum Ah has been given
  • Specific gravity at fully charged condition - 1.250 ± 0.005 at 27°C

Normal Recharging Instructions

Battery should be re-charged through an Inverter at constant potential mode of 14.4V with limited current as specified. After battery potential reaches 14.4V, the battery should continue in float charge mode at constant potential of 13.8V.